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Lohr has a population of about 17,000, which makes it the largest town in the local administrative district Main-Spessart. The town’s inhabitants still show charming Franconian traits: for instance they call themselves “Mopper”, and newcomers “Schnüdel”.

            In the picturesque town centre the eye is caught by the many attractive half-timbered houses. There is an interesting parish church, an imposing tower (Bayersturm), with137 steps to climb, the old town hall and the castle which houses an outstanding local history museum.

            The oldest known documents referring to Lohr date from 1296. The town was under the jurisdiction of local rulers until 1559, when it fell under the regime of the Bishopric of Mainz. Despite becoming a part of Bavaria in 1814 die-hard locals still cling to their Franconian or Spessart origins.

Lohr am Main yesterday and today

At the end of the 19th century the surrounding forests provided the main source of income for the town. Trade flourished and numerous professions, including shipbuilding, were established to make use of the abundant supplies of wood. Lohr shipbuilders were even summoned to Vienna and Prague in 1769 in order to demonstrate their ability on the construction of ships for the Danube and Moldau. Glassmaking was another significant industry for the town. Mirrors were manufactured here from the end of the 17th until the beginning of the 19th century, and these beautiful items were famous beyond Germany’s borders.

Lohr, nestling in magnificent countryside, has 17,000 inhabitants and is the largest town in the administrative district of Main-Spessart. The town has an historic air, lent by the many timber-framed buildings maintained in their original state, and it is a popular destination for holidaymakers and day trippers. Lohr is also a lively, modern town that offers inhabitants and visitors alike a high standard of living. There is an excellent infrastructure of public services, schools, health and social services, and this has encouraged the establishment of numerous shops and trades. A diverse programme of cultural activities completes the picture.

Visitors particularly appreciate the good restaurants and the local hospitality.

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Beautiful, rustic wine houses, cozy breweries or restaurants with German & international cuisine in Lohr's old town.
(all restaurants only 3-5 minutes walk from the hotel).

Franconian – local – good:
Schönbrunnen – Hauptstraße 28, Tel.: 09352 - 9341
Weinhaus Mehling – Hauptstraße 30, Tel.: 09352 - 2602
Keiler Brauhaus – Alfred-Stumpf-Straße 2, Tel.: 09352 - 7328
Richards Weineck-Barrique – Obere Brückenstraße 8, Tel.: 09352 - 600797

Greek: Felsenkeller („Costa“) – Valentinusberg 1, Tel.: 09352 - 2167
Italian: Ristorante Italia – Am Torhaus 4, Tel.: 09352 - 3618
Italian: Rose Osteria 47 – Hauptstraße 47, Tel.: 09352 - 6035522
Italian: La Bruschetta – Turmstraße 8, Tel.: 09352 - 604846
Asian: HT Sushi Bar – Schlossrestaurant Ottenhof 1, Tel.: 09352 - 6055645
Indian: Gautam India Palace – Ignatius-Taschner-Straße 5, Tel.: 09352 - 604903

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Information to Lohr

All sorts of events starring renowned artists take place at the „Stadthalle" all year round:

A place to explore and experience

Located in the heart of Lohr, the Hotel Bundschuh is the ideal starting point for discovering the beauty of the Spessart region – whether you are on foot, on a bike, in the car, or using public transport. Experience the seemingly endless forests for yourself as you tramp through the countryside, investigate some of the numerous cycle tracks, or take in a number of fascinating castles, palaces and museums on a drive through this attractive region. Not to be forgotten is of course the River Main with all the possibilities it has to offer as it meanders through a picturesque landscape. Or what about a bit of shopping as you stroll down Lohr’s high street, looking into some of the many diverse boutiques and shops? Culture, culinary specialities or shopping – there is all sorts to discover, and the choice is yours!

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Our rooms

Every room in the Hotel Bundschuh is as individual as you are. You won’t find any run-of-the-mill, mass-produced furniture here. Instead, the rooms are tastefully furnished with attractive, handcrafted furniture and fittings in wood, granite and glass, combined with exclusive fabrics. We offer 38 carefully styled rooms with furnishings of the highest quality, each with its own en suite bath/shower and WC, telephone, LCD-TV, radio, minibar and WiFi. Many rooms also have their own balcony or sun terrace. A lift helps ensure that rooms on upper floors are also easily accessible.

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