The dense, ancient woodlands, for which Spessart is famous, are unique in Germany, stretching unbroken over an area of 40,000 hectares. In the north conifers are most proliferous, whilst beech and oak are more common in the central and southern areas.

Botanists are attracted by the great variety of plant species, including such rarities as colourful, wild orchids, columbines and gentians. Yellow broom and heathers in hues from scarlet to deep purple are typical of the Spessart countryside. Forest fruits and wild fungi are found in abundance in this large, undisturbed forest.

Wild boar, red and roe deer are common, whilst ornithologists delight in raptors such as goshawks, sparrowhawks and buzzards, and many species of woodpecker. The clear Spessart streams and rivers provide ideal conditions for trout fisheries and in recent years the beaver has been re-established in the wild.

A place to explore and experience

Located in the heart of Lohr, the Hotel Bundschuh is the ideal starting point for discovering the beauty of the Spessart region – whether you are on foot, on a bike, in the car, or using public transport. Experience the seemingly endless forests for yourself as you tramp through the countryside, investigate some of the numerous cycle tracks, or take in a number of fascinating castles, palaces and museums on a drive through this attractive region. Not to be forgotten is of course the River Main with all the possibilities it has to offer as it meanders through a picturesque landscape. Or what about a bit of shopping as you stroll down Lohr’s high street, looking into some of the many diverse boutiques and shops? Culture, culinary specialities or shopping – there is all sorts to discover, and the choice is yours!

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Our rooms

Every room in the Hotel Bundschuh is as individual as you are. You won’t find any run-of-the-mill, mass-produced furniture here. Instead, the rooms are tastefully furnished with attractive, handcrafted furniture and fittings in wood, granite and glass, combined with exclusive fabrics. We offer 38 carefully styled rooms with furnishings of the highest quality, each with its own en suite bath/shower and WC, telephone, LCD-TV, radio, minibar and WiFi. Many rooms also have their own balcony or sun terrace. A lift helps ensure that rooms on upper floors are also easily accessible.

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